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 Welcome to Nature Science Love 💜

My name is Leila, and my intention for founding Nature Science Love is to bring attention to three areas of our lives that I believe are truly important. ‘Nature’ is about being aware of our connection with the natural world around us, along with our responsibility to care for it. ‘Science’ is about embracing evidence-based methods to understand how things work in the world and within ourselves, and communicating scientific concepts in an engaging and accessible way. ‘Love’ is about learning to live with intention, and taking action from a place of love and kindness - towards ourselves, others and the environment we live in.

In line with this, Nature Science Love offers: a range of Earth-Friendly household products (including bulk products for easy DIY product refills); in-person and online Mindfulness Meditation workshops; and delivery of the psychological self-help ‘Be Well Plan’ program - developed by SAHMRI and Flinders University.

Having experienced first-hand the benefits of developing increased self-awareness, living with intention and learning simple yet powerful psychological skills to help manage stress and navigate the ups and downs of life, I am passionate about sharing these gifts with others - helping people overcome self-limiting beliefs and barriers, identify purpose and cultivate self-belief, to unlock their full potential and experience greater fulfillment and joy in daily life - and have become a great believer that a 'preventative psychology' approach has the power to radically change lives, families and communities for the better.

My background is in medical research, having worked as a Cancer Research Scientist for nearly two decades. I am now a Certified Trainer for the Be Well Co ‘Be Well Plan’ program, an Independent Consultant for Tri Nature Earth-Friendly products, and a registered member of the Meditation Association of Australia, having completed my Meditation Teacher Training through the Lifeflow Meditation Centre in Adelaide. I'm also a mum to two young energetic boys, love being in nature, learning new skills, and connecting with others in meaningful ways - and am inspired by the power of what can be achieved by working collectively towards a common goal.

If there’s anything I can help you with please reach out as I would love to connect with you! 💜

Leila Belle