Citrus Dishwashing Powder
Citrus Dishwashing Powder

Citrus Dishwashing Powder

Tri Nature

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Naturally derived, phosphate-free, high performance dishwashing powder that will leave your dishes clean, fresh and residue free without the need for toxic chemicals.


  • Safe for use on all dishes, glasses, silverware, eating utensils, fine china, pots and pans (deemed dishwasher safe).
  • Environmentally Friendly and fully biodegradable. Plant based, naturally derived ingredients. Grey water & Septic Safe.
  • Controlled oxygen release technology in combination with plant derived actives, cleans and sanitises utensils and dishware.
  • Contains no chlorine, phosphates or nitrates - reduces potential for algal blooms and marine toxicity. No phosphorus or harmful residues.
  • 100% Active ultra-concentrated formula. Up to 40 washes per kilo (If used as instructed on the packaging).
  • Essential Oil Based Fragrance of Bergamot and Lemon Thyme.
  • Suitable for all dishwashing machines including dish drawers. For use in all types of automatic dishwashers, both domestic and commercial.
  • Controlled foaming action to guarantee your dishwasher works to optimum level and prevents loss of pressure.
  • Suitable in hot or cold water - However, hot water is recommended for optimum performance.
  • Contains water softening agents


  • Leaves dishes streak-free and sparkling clean
  • Biodegrades quickly with no contribution to eutrophication of waterways.
  • Contains NO fillers or extenders to clog up the waterways or your machine.
  • Leaves no nasty, toxic residues.
  • Independently benchmarked against the market leader to ensure fantastic results. 
  • Harmful ingredients such as phosphates and zeolites found in mainstream products are replaced with an ingredient derived from sand. This ingredient not only works better, but it dissolves faster and poses no threat to the environment.
  • Gentle on sensitive skin. Suitable for those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Concentrated formula delivers outstanding value for money and reduces landfill.
  • Safe for use around children and pets.
  • Safe to use the waste water around your garden after use - A great initiative for the planet.
  • Bulk sizes available – Suitable for commercial kitchens.

This product is a concentrated formula and is available in bulk sizes to deliver value for money, and reduce plastic use and landfill potential.

Suitable in domestic, workplace and commercial settings. For best results use in combination with Citrus Dishwashing Rinse Aid


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