Compostable Coffee Pods
Compostable Coffee Pods
Compostable Coffee Pods
Compostable Coffee Pods
Compostable Coffee Pods

Compostable Coffee Pods

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Containing certified organic ground coffee, these pods are:

- 100% compostable (the pod, lid, seal and contents will break down naturally and return to the earth without harming the environment)

- produced entirely using renewable energy derived from the sun, wind, hydropower and biogas

- compatible with all domestic Nespresso machines


*Most councils now have green waste composting facilities - your compostable coffee pods can be placed straight in the green waste collection bin, or collected in a compostable waste bag along with other food scraps first, and the whole bag then placed in the green waste bin.

Blend descriptions:

Supremo (Strength 7/8) - Full rich medium-strong flavour, ground and roasted to deliver the perfect espresso coffee.

Armonia (Strength 6/8) - Medium strength blend, with sweet and fragrant notes.

Kenya (Strength 6/8) - Powerful and penetrating single origin blend, with a fresh and fruity enveloping aroma, pleasantly sour and with a citrus taste.

Columbia (Strength 5/8) - Sharp single origin blend, with medium-high acidity and an enveloping aftertaste of dark cocoa and chocolate.

Peru (Strength 5/8) - Well balanced single origin blend, full-bodied and aromatic with chocolate notes enhanced by a velvety cream.


Note: In the interests of full disclosure, this product is not made in Australia. It is however sourced from an Australian supplier.

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