Essential Oil Bath / Spritzer Starter Kit

Essential Oil Bath / Spritzer Starter Kit

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Receive a FREE 50mL Glass Spray bottle when you purchase 125mL Essential Oil Dispersant (assists the oil to mix with water) and 10mL Wellbeing, Stress Free or Sweet Dreams 100% pure Essential Oil Mood Blend


  • Mix 5mL Dispersant with up to 10 drops Essential Oil and add to a running bath 
  • Mix 5mL Dispersant with 2-5 drops Essential Oil in 50mL glass spray bottle, top up with water, and shake to mix. Spray mist as a pick-me-up, to freshen up an office, car, stinky shoes... or over your pillow before bedtime! 


* Makes up at least 20 bath or spritzer bottles when used as directed * 


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