Hyaline Glass Cleaner
Hyaline Glass Cleaner
Hyaline Glass Cleaner

Hyaline Glass Cleaner

Tri Nature

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A powerful, natural-based cleaner for glass, windows and mirrors that creates a crystal clear sparkle whilst reducing finger-marking and re-soiling. Unlike ordinary glass cleaners, Hyaline contains no ammonium compounds or harsh fumes.

  • Inhibits misting/fogging.
  • Reduces finger marking and re-soiling.
  • Removes residues, gums, dust and road grime with ease.
  • Excellent for vehicle windscreen reservoirs (concentrate version).

*Note - the 500ml Express Range bottles may be refilled with diluted concentrate. Alternatively, highly durable polyspray bottles are also available for this purpose, if preferred.


**1L Hyaline concentrate makes up 2.5L glass cleaner**


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