Hyaline Glass Cleaner
Hyaline Glass Cleaner
Hyaline Glass Cleaner

Hyaline Glass Cleaner

Tri Nature

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A powerful, natural-based cleaner for glass, windows and mirrors that creates a crystal clear sparkle whilst reducing finger-marking and re-soiling. Unlike ordinary glass cleaners, Hyaline contains no ammonium compounds or harsh fumes.

  • Inhibits misting/fogging.
  • Reduces finger marking and re-soiling.
  • Removes residues, gums, dust and road grime with ease.
  • Excellent for vehicle windscreen reservoirs (concentrate version).

*Note - Express Range bottles are not designed for refilling. Any attempt to refill them may compromise the stability of the bottle. Durable reusable polyspray bottles are available for the purpose of safely diluting concentrates.


**1L Hyaline concentrate makes up 2.5L glass cleaner**


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