Spring Cleaning Starter Sets
Spring Cleaning Starter Sets

Spring Cleaning Starter Sets

Tri Nature

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Time for a Spring Clean? Which kit will you choose?

Essential Spring Cleaning Kit contains:

500mL Supre Express Multipurpose Cleaner - Eucalyptus

500mL Excel Bathroom Cleaner (Spearmint)

500mL Ultra Cream Cleanser (Spearmint)

500mL Hyaline Express Glass Cleaner

500mL Sanazone Express Odourless Surface Disinfectant (Food Safe)

500mL Blitz Oven and BBQ Hotplate cleaner

2L Alpha Plus Gentle Laundry Liquid (with 30mL dispensing pump)


Ultimate Spring Cleaning Kit contains:

Everything in the Essential kit plus...

500mL Illumina Stainless Steel Polish

500mL Heritage Furniture Polish

1L Pro Care Carpet Cleaner and Heavy Duty 500mL Spray Bottle

1L Optimate Floor Cleaner Concentrate (Mandarin & Lime)

1L Maxim Machine Descaler (for washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine, kettle)